Beautiful Season

I like fall — it’s a beautiful season. Still early, but surely it’s coming.

Having lived in quite a few places, I can’t tell anymore which I like best, esp. during this season.

Is it the vastness of the Mid-West that opened my eyes and my heart to an equally boundless joy? Or the sudden serenity that befell upon me walking down Central Park amongst those tall and elegant trees?  Or the falling leaves in Beijing dancing round me in the wind like butterflies in a riot of colors? Or maybe it’s the blue blue sky in Shanghai that’s just above the top of the trees with a touch of white clouds melting and forming and melting again? Or down further south, in the States as in Asia, the still high temperature and the even higher spirit of the people there?

I cannot tell. I love them all. And there are still so many other places, waiting for me to explore and experience.

Memory is a lovely function of not only the brain, but also every single cell of the entire body. A color, a smell, a touch, a sound, a thought… they are all remembered. And only the heart can decide how to remember — what kind of feeling we allow ourselves to bring together with all that’s remembered.

And may everything be remembered with a joyous heart. ~\(≧▽≦)/~