Wow it’s been a year plus

Wow and wow. How time flies! It’s been a full year and three more months since my last post. Since my daughter was born, my life has been mostly revolving around raising a happy child and educating a strong and responsible little citizen. It was fun. It was absolutely exhausting. I have grown. I have learned to be a stronger person. I have witnessed my own power and am convinced of my own value, more than ever. I have learned to love myself and her unconditionally.

But, I’m still me, the person who is here on this planet to experience my own life. Now it’s my life with my family, instead of just my life.  I still love to travel. I still love to draw. I still love to make handicrafts. I still love to read and write. I still love the things that I love to do.  In fact, I have achieved more than before I had her.  In a way, she has become my inspiration, my educator, my conscience, a part of who I am.  For this, I am truly thankful.

A full year plus has passed. And what a year! An academic year starting from apprehension to trust, from work to school to after school activities, from clueless to a much savvier learner. What a privilege to be a mom, to be HER mom.

The new semester is going to start in a few days. I am smiling to myself as I am typing, knowing in my mind that everything will work out and go great despite inevitable ups and downs, feeling in my heart the unfading love made ever-strong by both joy and tears. Smile. Go forward. Here we come!

Magic comes from within

Let the magic happen~ part of a T-shirt I designed for my daughter.


We don’t live in Perfect. Perfectionism is painful.
It is through accepting imperfection, accepting what is, that inner peace can finally be reached.
In accepting imperfection, we become whole — complete with the good and the bad and everything in between, with every hue of the spectrum.
A heart can only be in peace when it stops seeking perfection.


An Amazing Video Clip

I was deeply touched by this video clip.
The baby baboon may still die — the young leopard doesn’t have milk and it was so cold. But that’s not the point.
In this amazing turn of event, they all learned one thing: LOVE.
For this moment of learning, the mother baboon gave her life. The leopard learned and experienced love, and the baby baboon experienced being loved, and probably forgiveness also.
However, at this very moment, the one who is experiencing all this, is me!

This Moment

This morning I woke up, and you were still fast asleep, I felt —
the rhythm of your breath — in and out, in and out — relaxed, and sweet..
Dawned on me, then and there, a sense of peace and love like never before
And I curled up by your side, my head against your chest
I felt — your heart — beating with mine

In this moment — I truly lived and felt alive
This moment — Life awakens  —-

The Present

The present… is a gift.

Whether or not we are able to open it, depends on if we have sufficiently made peace with our past.

If we can’t, then, the past dictates the future.

If we have, then the future is just a forthcoming present.

The question is: How do I feel about it?