Educator, translator, researcher, freelancer

Tracing ancestry back to Shanghai

Born and raised in Beijing

Went to Grad School and got a Ph.D. in Education in the U.S., and spent most of my adulthood in the States

Married my first love

Honored to have made friends from many countries and cultures

Love drawing, painting, designing, art & craft, computer graphics, web design, listening to music, languages, cultures, psychology, philosophy, poetry, sci-fi, romance, mysteries, taking photos, modern visual art, hiking, nature, animals…

Enjoy self-exploration and self-discovery, spiritual growth, and… experiencing life! ^__^ V







喜欢自我探索和自我发现,心灵成长,和……体验人生! ^__^ V

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Saw you gravatar on the Everywhere Once blog and found it so intriguing I had to check out your blog. So glad I did! Lovely photography of beautiful locations. I am fairly new to blogging and enjoying discovering wonderful, interesting people from all parts of the world. You are the second blogger from China I am following now – such a fascinating country for someone like myself, who has not travelled very much and never outside of Europe.
    I will try to look back over your archive as there seems to be much that I will like. 🙂

    • Hi, thank you sooo much for introducing me to the Award! I’ll be out of town in a few days and will take a closer look at your post on the award when I come back. Thanks again and have a wonderful week! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful entries!

  2. Wow Allie, we have many of the same interests. Especially languages, music, photography and psychology (I will be finishing my degree in 3 weeks time)…我的中文不好。十二年还是只有一点点 ;)

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