My Third Book(s)

My third book (or books)! Again, I am both the writer and the illustrator 🙂  These are the third of my “accepting growth and change series.” Both the girl’s version and the boy’s version are 8.5 x 11 inches, with two parts: 1. Story with brightly colored high quality illustrations; and 2. high quality coloring pages that can also help young kids retell the story. 55 pages each book. Kindle versions are also use iPhone Kindle APP and/or Kindle for PC to read on non-kindle devices. Enjoy! Thank you!
For boys: Mommy’s Love Grows with Me — For Boys (Accepting Growth and Change)
These books are especially written for kids who are learning to be more and more emotionally independent as they gain more independence in life skills and desire more control over their environment. Deciding to have a girl’s version and a boy’s version is not aimed to promote gender inequality, but to create characters that both little boys and little girls can relate. Ages 4-7.