She-Xian Village

Beautiful village in An-Hui Province, with the early spring blossoms.

 photo CIMG4887s_zpsc34ef4fd.jpg

 photo CIMG4692s_zps8c4dca25.jpg

 photo CIMG4693s_zpsd288163a.jpg

 photo CIMG4694s_zps1fecaec7.jpg

 photo CIMG4697s_zps0aba6c54.jpg

 photo CIMG4708s_zps527a8863.jpg

 photo CIMG4710s_zpsb6ba29c6.jpg

 photo CIMG4718s_zps6a01a276.jpg

 photo CIMG4722s_zps767c8608.jpg

 photo CIMG4724s_zpsdcec8298.jpg

 photo CIMG4726s_zps8b7356ce.jpg

 photo CIMG4731s_zpsad32fad3.jpg

 photo CIMG4736s_zps97e943cc.jpg

 photo CIMG4741s_zps94ad6f92.jpg

 photo CIMG4768s_zps84b73103.jpg

 photo CIMG4791s_zps86e2ce51.jpg

 photo CIMG4804s_zps55364ed8.jpg

 photo 102_0978s_zpsac8ab92f.jpg

 photo 102_0984s_zps618243a2.jpg

 photo 102_0990s_zps47a56d64.jpg

 photo CIMG4806s_zps0f073c47.jpg

 photo CIMG4807s_zps87fff49a.jpg

 photo CIMG4808s_zps7881cf65.jpg

 photo CIMG4811s_zps3b1513b3.jpg

 photo CIMG4823s_zps0c908952.jpg

 photo CIMG4825s_zps59c83b96.jpg

 photo CIMG4835s_zpsdbdac064.jpg

 photo CIMG4836s_zps081b5825.jpg

 photo CIMG4837s_zps3d835177.jpg

 photo CIMG4855s_zps131b68aa.jpg

 photo CIMG4866s_zpsd29b05f6.jpg

 photo CIMG4883s_zpsee486ef1.jpg

 photo CIMG4885s_zpse2951bae.jpg

 photo CIMG4891s_zps4fd7214f.jpg

 photo CIMG4893s_zps8e63979d.jpg

 photo CIMG4894s_zps4e62d7d1.jpg

 photo CIMG4899s_zpse721bd3f.jpg

 photo CIMG4964s_zps5835fb52.jpg


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