A New Part of Suzhou

We went to a new part of Suzhou — the Suzhou Industrial Town. It’s a neat little city close to the ancient city of Suzhou. Everything is so new, even the old Chinese style buildings are new. Cute and pretty.

 photo CIMG4389s_zpsbc16ebf4.jpg

 photo CIMG4395s_zps5f42a478.jpg

A delight to see these green / flowering plants in winter:

 photo CIMG4396s_zps03796a7e.jpg

 photo CIMG4398s_zps9584819b.jpg

Winter gives a different feel of beauty:

 photo CIMG4401s_zpsd94c3b66.jpg

 photo CIMG4402s_zps643927b6.jpg

 photo CIMG4404s_zps258c6270.jpg

 photo CIMG4407s_zpsf0922872.jpg

 photo CIMG4408s_zpsc508e829.jpg

I like this cute little train below so much!

 photo CIMG4409s_zpsf56148c7.jpg

Stone carvings:

 photo CIMG4414s_zpsd67ecd12.jpg

The modern and the traditional are so very nicely and seamlessly blended:

 photo CIMG4419s_zpsdd035309.jpg

 photo CIMG4421s_zps55a070b0.jpg

BFF (Best Friends Forever) — it is culturally appropriate and widely practiced here in China among women friends who are straight to hold hands, which is reflected by this sculpture below:

 photo CIMG4422s_zps5dcc0d1e.jpg

An interesting building that’s still in construction:

 photo CIMG4425s_zps9978128c.jpg

Building that looks like a ship:

 photo CIMG4429s_zpsef54552c.jpg

2 thoughts on “A New Part of Suzhou

  1. Wonderful old and new town side by side, things are growing and changing fast! Was amazed to see the “cute little train” as we have them in the UK too – they are often found at seaside holiday camps like Butlins and date back to at least the 1940s.
    The little cultural insight about women best friends holding hands reminded me that I have read similar mentions of hand holding being common for young and older male best friends in certain Arab countries too, without it being a sign of sexual preference.

    • Ah haha, yeah, it’s amazing how our cultures as humans can be so different. I’ve also heard about the male holding hands as best friends and found it refreshing and fascinating. Cheers! 🙂

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