Shanghai, my city

It is the city where my father and my grandfather and my ancestors lived; it is the city where I am now in love with.

The very first time that I set foot on Shanghai a couple years ago, I immediately fell in love with it.

“I like it here! I love it!” I exclaimed.

“You lil traitor! You’ve never lived here yet and you just came from the city you were born and grew up in!” teased my husband.

But hey,  I have in my veins the blood of a Shanghai native.

And finally, after all these years I’ve come back to embrace this part of me, of who I am.

Shanghai, my city, well, among my cities, that is. I love thee.


 photo CIMG2731_zps45c860b9.jpg

 photo CIMG2742_zpsf2aef5a7.jpg

 photo CIMG2750-2_zpsb9108f77.jpg

 photo CIMG2754_zps4ce13e08.jpg

 photo CIMG2755_zps00e9a900.jpg

 photo CIMG2759_zps5f2679f9.jpg

 photo CIMG2763_zps7934f2d9.jpg

 photo CIMG2765_zps7f9d5dd5.jpg

 photo CIMG2766_zpsb1cb093a.jpg

 photo CIMG2771_zps7b89bc7a.jpg

8 thoughts on “Shanghai, my city

    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s exciting to live in the city — and I sometimes miss quiet small town life, too 🙂 Glad you liked the pics!

  1. Wonderful! I want to put it on my list of places to see. How about its history? Possibly another blog on this great city? Being one that loves to travel I would love to find out more about it.

    • Wow, that’s great! Shanghai and surrounding cities (such as Suzhou and Hangzhou) are very scenic and have a lot of history. Great for sightseeing and cultural experience. And thank you so much for suggesting a blog on history! Sure is an interesting topic — truth is, I don’t know much about its history, either. Great opportunity for me to research and understand more about “my city” 😉 . Thanks!

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