Hawaii (III.5): Through the clouds

I’ve just recovered more pics from the trip with the rainbow. They were taken when we were on our way up and into the tallest hill of Kona. As we drove up, the clouds became thicker and thicker and were literally surrounding us. As we reached the highest altitude possible for a car, the only thing we could see was the road right ahead of us, and nothing else at all. And all the rest is just a thick, thick mist of clouds. It was an amazing feeling! We were so excited about actually physically moving through clouds! No doubt we were on cloud nine, LOL!

Our camera is not that sensitive and I tried my best to capture what the eyes can see. Still, the camera doesn’t have a brain and so it can’t really differentiate cloud from mist ^_~  Any rate, here are the pics… ^__^

Over the rainbow… Romantic, eh? Actually, driving through from under the rainbow means driving through showers of rain, hehehe…

Still, the breathtaking beauty of this is all worth it!

Highest hill of Kona, covered from mid-section up with cloud.

The beginning: into the clouds, at first just a thin layer barely captured by the camera.

Inside the clouds:

And, looking down…

The actual experience is much, much more magical than can be captured on camera.

What’s amazing is, this part of Kona looks so different from where we board (closer to the airport). The volcano rocks, if there are any, are all covered by a variety of green plants. It felt like we were on a totally different island! Love the contrast! And there’s more to experience and enjoy…


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