Hawaii (II)

Settling down in a hotel near a beach, we were so excited!

The hotel was kinda old and really not the best we ever checked in. But oh well. We won’t be inside much anyways.

The next day we jumped into the rental car and drove somewhere…Who cares where? We just wanted to see — to see the real, authentic, unedited Kona, Hawaii.

The first we discovered was this rocky sandy beach, a package of variety and fun.

A tropical paradise gradually revealing itself to us…

The local people are so nice and friendly, too. As I was gazing at this huge, huge tree in the pic below, I guy walking by smiled and told me the name of this tree — it’s such an exotic name that I repeated with him but was unable to really remember what it was by now… Yet, the important thing is, I will always remember how lovely all the people there were to us. In the world of quantum physics, all thoughts and feelings are vibrations that can be sent and received across infinite time and space — so, here’s again my heartfelt appreciation: “Thank you!” And I’m sure they have all received… O(∩_∩)O~

Beautiful blossoms can be seen everywhere:

We were so happy and felt like the time we first fell in love. So among the many times, in the past and the future to come, we fell in love with each other once more, then and there, all over again…

And in Chinese ~

And we found our feelings echoed, by many…

And little birds came to share our joy…

As we drove back to the hotel, the sun set on this piece of land of volcanic rocks, with a beauty that is uniquely Kona — mysterious, calm, vibrant, deep, and much much more.

The day passed by, and a new day would come. Time passes. Love remains. Forever in love, with thee and with the world.

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