Hawaii (I)

First time ever, we set foot on Hawaii — it was Kona.

I have to say, it was love at second sight, because, it was nothing like in the pictures!

Having no knowledge or idea at all about the nature, the history, the people there, all the reference that we had was those pictures with palm trees, ocean, and beach in them. But, this was what we first encountered —

I was baffled: why is there so much land like this? Later, we found that this very land of volcanic rocks has been highly respected and treasured by the local people since ancient times. They love and respect this land so much that even taking one small piece of this dark gold of volcano rocks away from this island is considered as improper. And even later, we learned that there are beautiful stories of goddesses for us to discover.

And so — from that point on — the island has unfolded to us, through our eyes, more and more beauty and appeal.


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