As said in the first post, I had a somewhat eventful day — starting completely normal — hopped on the subway to visit a friend, had great chat with her, had lunch together, and then… the whole universe seemed to change…

We, my friend to be exact, went into a building to discuss some business with them there. I was waiting for her. Then through some strange chain of events, a huge piece of metal hit the back of my head. Hard.

For a split second I wasn’t sure what happened — had no feeling or thoughts. Then I quickly came to realize it wasn’t something anyone wishes to happen, ever. So anyways, after a spectrum of drama including having to call the police, we went to the hospital to check my head. After a CT scan the doctor decided that I was fine, despite all the discomfort. He gave me some meds and said I should go home and stay home for a few days. So then we lingered awhile just to really make sure and then I went home.

And on my way home the taxi driver was just so amazing — he’s been through and seen a lot in life and went really philosophical about it. It was amazing to listen to someone who I first met and most probably won’t meet again to completely open up to me and tell his amazing life story. I was so very deeply touched by how kind and insightful the man is. This is not the first time that I was amazed by taxi drivers in Beijing — many of them are knowledgeable, warm, and obliging. But this really is the first time I was touched to this depth. Bless his beautiful heart!

So… it’s been a dramatic day — from totally normal, to scary, to not so happy, to so happy… Life is interesting, and fun.

Loving and peaceful is how I feel now, no matter how strange the logic sounds.


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