Paperback Version of My Book!

Finally! Paperback version of my first children's picture book came out this morning on Amazon~ Brightly colored story book + image outline coloring pages. Young readers can look at the colored pages while parents read, color, and retell the story by following the pages that they have colored. It's Amazon's only choice of landscape binding, a size of 8 x 6 inches. Will definitely be looking for publishers that print bigger sizes for my future books. Thanks for looking and for all forms of support! ♥

Paperback version link, introductory price:
Kindle and Kindle App ebook link:
For readers who already bought the paperback book and still would like an ebook, the ebook will be $0.99.


My First Picture Book!

My first picture book is now published on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Select! The Little Caterpillar Who Doesn’t Want Change (Accepting growth and change series)

I first wrote the story and drew the pictures last year for my daughter when she was putting on the biggest fight to reject transitioning from Early Preschool to Preschool. It is a book about growth and change without her or a human child in it, which made her feel less threatened by the situation. Eventually, this and another story (I’m working on it) did the job! She finally settled in her new classroom and liked it. This year, her transition has been great — she readily accepted her new teachers and her new classroom and is having tons of fun!

So, I decided to share this book with all little kids (and their parents) who need a hand when facing change.

I was waiting for the paperback to be ready to announce it, but it seems like it will take a little longer than expected. So, here’s the electronic Kindle Version first. 

It’s for kids 3-6 years old, either read by parents or on their own. Have fun reading! 

Long time no see!

It’s been quite a while since I posted here — been busy with my baby the past months and really have no time at all to get on the computer at all. And LOL only discovered this iPhone app today! So now I can finally login and post an update. Missed everyone here! ❤️

 (Pic from web, origin unknown).

New Find in Ancient Town

The Town of Zhou-Zhuang is a bit disappointing as far as ancient town goes — it is way too commercialized to my taste. However, there still are some nicely preserved part of the original old houses alongside the waterway. It was towards the end of our trip that we found “the” best of Zhou-Zhuang. It was the “Cardboard Art Garden & Shop” — so new and yet intriguingly becoming and fits the town better than anything else. So, come with me and let’s start from the very beginning.

A pagoda, newly built but in ancient style:
 photo CIMG5251s_zpsf9afadaf.jpg

The river is their highway:
 photo CIMG5265s_zps51d53c63.jpg

 photo CIMG5271s_zps2ab18b62.jpg

Well-preserved old houses:
 photo CIMG5276s_zps6b055d72.jpg

One of the coolest (because I’m in the pic, hahaha)! Real reason? It’s so narrow that it makes you wonder how petite people were hundreds of years ago — narrow allies between blocks of old houses:
 photo CIMG5288s_zps89e6633f.jpg

What are these birds for? They are working birds who help fishermen catch fish!
 photo CIMG5294s_zps3e21a10a.jpg

Beautiful goldfish in the temple pond (I was feeding them, so they all came up):
 photo CIMG5309s_zps079c2934.jpg

Now this is the real cool place that I was talking about at the beginning. The “Cardboard Art Garden & Shop”. Everything here is made of cardboard — those outside in the open air were made of a special kind of paper so that they are totally fine when it rains or even when put into water for a long long time. Be prepared for a lot of pictures! (some are taken with my cellphone, though, so they are not so clear, but I’m just so excited and have to share).

 photo CIMG5328s_zps19420399.jpg

 photo CIMG5329s_zps23d264dc.jpg

 photo CIMG5330s_zps43d0df3f.jpg

 photo CIMG5331s_zpsc424a0ac.jpg

 photo CIMG5338s_zps9b9f9e19.jpg

 photo CIMG5343s_zps953f363d.jpg

 photo 20130501203_zpsba031b13.jpg

 photo 20130501204_zps0876f726.jpg

 photo 20130501205_zps264797bf.jpg

 photo 20130501206_zps3c0c5ebd.jpg

 photo 20130501207_zps9c2623cc.jpg

 photo 20130501208_zps5a19d6b0.jpg

 photo 20130501209_zpsb4f30d8a.jpg

 photo 20130501210_zpse36c4f68.jpg

 photo 20130501211_zps4ab0556b.jpg

 photo 20130501212_zpsf735493c.jpg

 photo 20130501213_zpsfb2836c2.jpg

 photo 20130501214_zps2a39c61f.jpg

 photo 20130501215_zps383cc989.jpg

 photo 20130501216_zps44d2fe26.jpg

 photo 20130501217_zpsecf382b8.jpg

 photo 20130501218_zpseec8ef6e.jpg

 photo 20130501219_zpse6908ac5.jpg

 photo 20130501220_zps23ff0062.jpg

 photo 20130501221_zps1c40f79d.jpg

 photo 20130501222_zps8c2ff6d7.jpg

 photo 20130501223_zpsd0cfc815.jpg

 photo 20130501224_zps91f52b8b.jpg

Inside. Everything can be used as the real thing, not just for display:
 photo CIMG5324s_zpsa0fccf95.jpg

 photo 20130501228_zpsb690ab61.jpg

 photo 20130501229_zps033b47ed.jpg

The local “god of wealth” in his paper form:
 photo CIMG5322s_zps333f24c3.jpg

 photo CIMG5323s_zps3f4f0c78.jpg

Lanterns made of paper:

 photo CIMG5344s_zps1c6e93b2.jpg

 photo 20130501231_zpsaf426364.jpg

 photo 20130501232_zpsc1faa5b1.jpg

 photo 20130501242_zpsc5d08af5.jpg

In the end, we had to say, “every place has its beauty”, although beauty may not always be where you expect them! 🙂